Albert Shed Castlefield Manchester Wedding

bride and groom manchester award wedding

Tell us about your story pre your wedding? 

We didn’t have a clue where to start with a photographer and by pure luck and recommendation, we booked Kyle after an initial meeting he showed for our big day which was Friday 15th September 2017. From beginning to end, Kyle just fitted in at home at the church and then the venue.

What were your favourite parts of the day?

Kyle took photos which were natural then pictures we asked for we were limited in surrounding areas but at the venue, Kyle came up with some amazing pictures both outside and inside. At the church, he also got an excellent range of photos. You didn’t even notice he was there.

Luxury Manchester Wedding // Albert Shed

What made you choose the location of your wedding Photography?

The location was Albert Shed Castlefield Manchester, it is a venue we often go to with friends and family and we love it the food is to die for. Albert Shed It was fantastic from beginning to end.

What made you choose your details and styling?

I wanted simple but elegant and that’s exactly what I got. from organising the wedding cake to the wedding florist the table plan and obviously to the bridesmaids and my dress it all complimented each other and the colour scheme.

award winning Lancashire wedding photographer briades maid getting ready

Albert Shed Manchester wedding Photography

What entertainment did you have?

We had the resident wedding DJ Michael Spencer who was from Manchester. And 2 singers from Portsmouth who we know very well called Frank and Dean they made the night. Also, everyone loved the DJ he played all the songs we had asked for and more and got all our family and friends dancing till their socks fell off.

What are your top tips for couples planning their own wedding?

Everyone has an individual taste so it’s difficult to say. Just plan ahead confirm whoever you’re having and get contracts and you cant go wrong. Kyle made the whole process very easy and any questions we had he was there to help us out.

What were you looking for in terms of your wedding photography?

A good range from the start to end. Kyle included personal things I had in my bouquet of flowers such as a small picture of my mum she was missing from my special day. He included black and white photos as well. His photos are so varied and amazing. We are really pleased with the colour of them and the quality.