A Stunning North West Charnock Farm Wedding

bride and groom kissing in charnock farm lancashire photography venue

Natalie & Joel are two of the nicest most down to earth people I’ve ever met; but when it came to their wedding planning, dam they sure didn’t hold back. From the details of the party that Natalie created and everything else just blew my mind. Throw in a fantastic crowd and I was one happy photographer. I’ll hand over to a couple of the hour to take it from here. I asked the bride and groom (Natalie & Joel) a few questions and here is what they had to say about their beautiful Preston wedding at Charnock Farm.

Tell us about your story pre your wedding? 

My husband and I have been together for 3 years and we decided to tie the knot at Charnock Farm wedding venue. I am from Manchester and he’s from Burnley we both knew that when we met within weeks that we were going to be together for the rest of our lives. we hit it off straight away and we were just best friends from the start.

What were your favourite parts of the day?

We were lucky enough to get married in Sorrento in Italy a few months before having our wedding reception at Charnock Farm wedding venue. The favourite part for me personally was exchanging of the vows in Italy and then at Charnock Farm we really enjoyed having our wedding photographs taken by Kyle the wedding photographer. Also for both weddings, it was just lovely to see all the guests so happy and enjoying them selfs. I could not have asked for more the day went as planned and the staff at Charnock Farm where so friendly I could not have asked for more.

Beautiful Charnock Farm Wedding Photography

What made you choose the location for your wedding Photography?

There was no doubt about it for the UK party we had to choose Charnock Farm it is by far the most beautiful location for a wedding reception it was reasonably priced and the staff were lovely when we visited we were really pleased with our choice.

What made you choose your details and styling?

For the colour scheme, I chose pink and grey as the two colours really do compliment each other from the seat covers to the table cloths the colour scheme ran throughout the venue at Charnock farm I also had to have Glitter in any possible place pretty much everywhere, I chose the most glittery dress I could find it was just perfect my dream wedding dress.

charnock farm wedding venue lancashire photography
bride and groom prep charnock farm wedding photography
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bride getting ready chornock farm wedding
daughter getting ready chornock farm wedding
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Charnock Farm Party

What entertainment did you have?

We had a chocolate fountain provided by Wonka chocolate fountains the fountain was beautiful exactly what I expected and everyone loved it. We had a photo booth by Fun Leisure Events and we also had a candy wheel provided by Heskin Hall. A DJ played all our music for the evening at Charnock Farm keeping all out guests on the dance floor partying till the end.

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bride and groom next to the lake Lancashire wedding photography wedding by kyle